Sunday, February 14, 2010


Q: My training plan has derailed over the last couple of weeks. I've only gotten a couple of workouts in, and I wondering if I should start doubling them up until I catch up again.
A: In a word, no. If you've been working with a coach, check there first to see how best to get back on track. If you've been building your own training plans, and things have just been out of kilter for two or three weeks, break in with a couple of easy workouts and then back
the plan up to where you were three weeks ago and start over. Though you might be able to throw a swim of moderate intensity in on days when you bike or run, doubling up workouts will stress your systems and tee you up for an injury. The overload-recovery-adaptation training approach is a process. Circumstance has disrupted your process. Patience and caution are the watch words as you resume. The good news is that you'll be surprised how fast you get back what you've lost, and you may discover that layoff allowed for some necessary healing of aches and pains.
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