Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It's been the harshest winter in a decade and I bet your getting tired of the snow, the ice, the rain, and your blessed indoor trainer. Yes, I have gotten to the point of wanting to toss it to where "the sun don't shine". My road bike hasn't hit the asphalt since the beginning of November. However, I am taking the optimistic approach and keeping in mind all the things that indoor trainer riding can do to stay ahead of the people who live in those warmer weather climates.

I ride at least once a week on my trainer even during the summer months. Here are seven good reasons to take advantage of your indoor trainer riding.

1) It's safer indoors. You don't have to worry about a blessed car speeding by, debris, pedestrians. It's just you and your "ride".
2) It's warmer. Obviously. Riding in 20 degree weather with 4 layers of clothes can weigh you down like a cement brick.
3) You'll save time. Yes, training indoors saves you time because you are pedaling against a continuous resistance, without the idling of riding downhill, or slowing for traffic and signals. A solid three hour ride on the trainer equates to about 3.5 to 4 hours on the road.
4) You can go MUCH harder than you can outdoors. The indoor trainer can produce good results. It allows you to undertake training that is hard to achieve on the open road. You can go so hard that may want to puke over your handlebars and the bike remains still and ready for another REALLY hard effort.
5) You can control and monitor your progress more effectively. Ride indoors and you can make certain that each time you ride the conditions will be pretty identical. This means you can effectively monitor your progress from session to session.
6) You can sprint and sprint further because there is no sprint line.
7) You can build your top end power and be able to sustain it longer at even pace without ANY downhills.

Here are two of my favorite workouts:

Warm Up: 15 minutes (zone 1 easy)
Interval 1: 15 minutes at 80% of lactate threshold/power
Interval 2: 5 minutes at 90%
Interval 3: 15 minutes at 80%
Interval 4: 3-6 1 minute Power Intervals at 101+% with 1 minute rest in between
Cool-Down: 10 minutes (zone 1)

Warm-Up: 15 minutes (zone 1 easy)
Interval 1: 20 minutes at 80% of lactate threshold/power
Interval 2: 4x(5 minutes easy, 5 minutes at 90%)
Cool Down: 10 minutes (zone 1)

Don't be sad, just get even.


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